Development Committee

DEVELOPMENT UPDATES: The Development Committee is meeting regularly now to review development proposals received by the GCA. To become part of the Development Committee or to just attend the occasional meeting, please contact for meeting logistics.

Transportation Committee

TRANSPORTATION ISSUES AFFECTING GREELY: The Transportation Committee has submitted a number of letters and position papers summarizing committee discussions on The North-South Light Rail Corridor and various road hazards/concerns in Greely. The following summarizes these positions for the new Mayor in a letter submitted on December 6, 2006. Future letters and position papers will be posted here as well, once ratified by the association.

GTC Transportation Report February 2012

The opinions presented here attempt to represent the majority of our membership and also the best interests of Greely residents. If you have any questions or concerns about the content of any of these documents, please contact our executive committee.

Special Events Committees

CANADA DAY COMMITTEE: Planning for Canada Day 2010 is well underway and anyone interested in helping organize this annual event is welcome! We have lots of ideas and hope to make this year's festivities as good as ever. For more information on planning meetings, to help fund-raise or to help run the event on July 1st, please contact: Bruce Brayman

Co-operative Playgroup

Greely Community Association Co-operative Playgroup
The purpose of the Greely Co-operative Playgroup (GCP) is to provide a fun place where parents, guardians and/or childcare providers can bring their children to play and socialize while the adults stay near by and supervise their own children. The playgroup meets on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:30. Please Contact Leeann Bogart at

Membership Committee

MEMBERSHIP FEES DUE: A friendly reminder that membership fees for the calendar year are due and can be paid to our secretary at a GCA meeting. This nominal $10 fee funds the operations of the GCA and allows us to continue serving the Greely community. GCA memberships allow Greely residents to become voting members at GCA meetings and entitles them to meeting agendas in advance, GCA e-mail announcements and notices, and input on various GCA issues such as development proposals and community planning (details of which are distributed though e-mail). Get involved in your community, get a GCA membership now!

Marketing Committee

Do you have ideas on how to promote the GCA and continue growing our visibility in the community? Do you know of businesses or non-profit organizations that would benefit from publicity through us?? Our community sponsors are an important source of revenue for the GCA and benefit from great advertising through our web site. We just need people to bring us all together! If you have any interest in helping out, please e-mail

Funding Committee

Show us the money! Do you have an idea for a community event that can help raise funds for the GCA? Our Funding Committee needs people to come up with fundraising ideas to help support GCA operations and increase our ability to help our community. These events often don't take a lot of work to set up, can be great community builders and a lot of fun. We also need people willing to do a little research as to what government grants are available to community associations like ours. Municipal, provincial and even federal grants can provide valuable funding to non-profit organizations like the GCA if we have people who understand the application and qualification processes. So if you think you can help us make an extra buck or two, we'd love your help. Please e-mail

Civic Affairs Committee

Members of the GCA are often asked to attend meetings with the City of Ottawa and various affiliated committees, political bodies and working groups. Members of this committee attend these kinds of meetings on the GCA's behalf and help strengthen ties between Greely and local government. Please join this committee if you have the time!